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In the memories there is solace — LiveJournal
I won't let time erase one bit of yesterday
I lost my 30gb ipod video in the gym yesterday. I remember having it with me after conducting the class, but I must have left it somewhere in the changing room.

Called the gym to enquire, but no kind soul returned it. I don't suppose anyone would, especially if the person was a combatter. There's lots of BC stuff in my ipod, tracks from different releases, some DVD clips here and there.

I'm upset that I lost it, but I only have myself to blame. I'm especially upset because my ipod has followed me around for the past 2 years, and I've lots of memories attached to it. My entire BC journey... from those training days to TT to over 300 classes. All those time spent listening to the ipod on trains and buses. =(

It was towards the end of 2005, the ipod 30gb was newly released. I bought it as a birthday present for someone, but I liked it so much that I ended up buying one for myself. It wasn't cheap then, if I remember correctly it cost me more than $500. I had just started work and was still clearing some loans, so I didn't have much spare cash. This was quite an expense back then and it was one of those items I bought for myself, something I didn't really need as I already had a mp3 player.

I went to Sim Lim Sq to get a replacement ipod today. I bought the 80gb ipod classic, and I didn't feel the excitement I felt when I bought my lost ipod. I bought this one as a need rather than a want. Spent a few hours charging and sorting out my music. I am starting to like it cos it's new and it has improved features, but somehow I still miss my trusty ipod video. I am thankful for the faithful service it has given me all this while.


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Back in the good old CS days, I've always joined the Counter-Terrorists as I'm more proficient in the M4A1 (Carbine) and the Steyr Aug. Finally, I got to reprise this role, albeit in a slightly different format.

Counter-Terrorists GO!

Terrorists GO!



Counter-Terrorists WIN!

It was fun shooting all those paintballs and I'm nursing my blue-black patches from being hit. The masks were stuffy, but the adrenaline kept us going. One has to play it to experience it, especially the split second immediately after being hit... the moment when we really feel stunned...

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I participated in the filming of:

I spectated in the filming of:
RPM 39

I also did BODYCOMBAT 35 twice... did 2 BODYATTACK and 2 BODYJAM classes. That's more than my all time record!

Totally awesome! =)

Team BC36

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I lent my friend $3,000 today, and if things go according to plan, I may have to fork out a few thousand more to lend him. When I passed him the money today, there wasn't any terms or conditions, I didn't ask for interest, nor did I ask him to return me by a certain date. All I knew was that I trusted him and I know he will return me the entire sum without fail.

Incidentally, this $3,000 reminded me of a purchase I made eleven months ago. The significance of this is that the $3,000 meant a lot to me then, and had I foregone the purchase, I would never have felt the sacrifice at that point in time.

It was the most wonderful thing I've ever bought. No words can describe the exhilaration or jubilation that I felt immediately after the purchase. I knew, deep inside my heart, that I can never ever replicate that feeling again with $3,000.

Which is why I did what I did.

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I'm freaking exhausted now. I must have exerted myself too much during the 2hr class yesterday, and then in today's class again. Not sure if it's the jetlag from my holidays, but I feel that I could plonk in bed anytime. For today's class, we did a '2007 Favourites' themed class, consisting of my respective favourite tracks from the releases in 2007 - BC31 to BC34.

To me, every track is a learning journey and an experience. In the process of learning these, we sometimes encounter obstacles. Some of these tracks contain my emotions and whenever I listen to them again, I remember the process, the emotions I felt.

We did these tracks today.

(Warmup) 3101 - Ready 2 Go / Rock This Party
I came to rock at this party
Cause I can make you feel alright
Sweet boy, you're rocking your body
I'll get you straight to the night

I remember when the tracklist came out, I was shocked to see 'Rock This Party' in it as the lower body warmup. I was telling J, 'This is a hip-hop song, how the fuck are they going to do kicking moves to it? It's more for BODYJAM' When I saw the DVD, I was utterly impressed. Not only did everything feel natural, there was a nice reggae feel to the track. Unique experience.

I recall my struggle with the gingas (8 on the right, 10 on the left) because I could never hear the beats clearly enough. It was also the beginning of BC's gradual progression towards the use of original songs instead of remixed songs. I started to modify my approach - instead of counting beats, I 'feel' for the song instead.

(Combat 1) 3402 - Thks Fr Th Mmrs
Another track which I dreaded on first listen. The song felt very raw to me. But it's just one of those songs where the more you listen to it, the more catchy it feels. My favourite part would be the elbow/back fist/knee/kick combo in an otherwise simple track.

I chose this one over the other Track 2s because I like the song the best.

(Power 1) 3103 - 2 Dream
I have to dream
I have to forget about these things
about broken heart that is beatin' so fast all the time when it rains

I call this the lung buster. While watching the DVD, the directors said that one has to have great fitness levels to coach this. I recall the many times this track pushed me to the limit. I love this track because this is the first add-on track which resembles a free-style choreography where they put all the pieces together.

(Combat 2) 3104 - Call Me When You're Sober
Don't cry to me.
If you loved me, you would be here with me.
You want me, come find me.
Make up your mind.

What more can I say about this song? I love Amy Lee's vocals. This song is sad and I find myself doing this track exceptionally well if I'm feeling sad. This is one of my favourite songs, and the moves in the track flow so well.

In my opinion, if one executes this track correctly, this is arguably the most tiring track ever because of its flow - ginga, ginga, ginga. The track never stops until the kata.

My favourite part? Doing the gingas slow and low during this part...

How could I have burned paradise.
How could I, you were never mine?

Just waiting to explode.

(Power 2) 3305 - Girlfriend
Having had 2 back to back lung busters, it would be an easy option for me to just do Girlfriend since it's easy. But I did this because I like Avril Lavigne a lot. She reminds me of my schooling days when I was listening to her first few hits like Complicated, Sk8terboy, and one of my favourites - I'm With You.

(Combat 2) 3206 - Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
Pink has a few catchy tunes and this is definitely one of them. It's like one of those irony things - go away or come back? Leave me alone but yet lonely? There was once I let slip and just filled in the blanks, hehehe. =)

Cuttin off the phone
Leave me the ***k alone
Tomorrow I'll be beggin' you to come home

The most memorable time I did this song was when the system broke down and the class hummed along to the tune. It was hilarious.

(Muay Thai) 3207 - Check Your Head
This track is deceptively wicked. It starts slow but yet finishes with an aplomb. I love love love the jumpknee sequence at the end. While learning this, I initially struggled with the jumpknee because I had a knee injury before and I was just scared to make that leap for fear that I would hurt my knee. It took me a while to get my courage to really make that jump, and do it safely.

The key to it, I learnt, was simply being fit. A fit person would just leap off into the air gracefully and land safely because the legs would not feel heavy at all. I attribute the improvements in my fitness levels to the hardcore releases of BC30-32. Till today, I still remember the satisfaction of doing it for the first time and leaping off the ground. Wooh!

(Power 3) 3208 - Welcome To The Black Parade
Now this one would probably come as a surprise to some because many would have thought the natural choice would be BC33's U R My Phantasy. But 3308 is not even my second favourite Track 8, that belongs to 3408 Believe In Me.

This song brings back alot of emotions because I've experienced that adrenaline so so many times when I do it. This is one big motivational track that gets me high and crazy everytime.

Defiant to the end we hear the call
To carry on

We'll carry on...

Let rip the body rip!

BC33's Angel Eyes and BC34's Believe In Me complemented the release before we ended with my favourite cooldown from BC34. It used to be BC28's Because Of You (Kelly Clarkson) but this latest one is impressive.

(Cooldown) 3410 - What Have You Done
Explosive cooldown with nice use of forks (inspired by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and lovely vocals and beautiful kata.

Would you mind if I hurt you
Understand that I need to
Wish that I had other choices
Than to hurt the one I love

Every track is a collection of emotions. Which is why I will always love some tracks over the others.
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Never surrender, never give up and NEVER stop moving in BODYCOMBAT® 35! The theme for this release is Kick-boxing. You’ll build strength, kick speed and stamina in your legs, change the shape of your butt and burn heaps of calories. The choreography is intense and this release targets beginners so there is a low complexity — but beware, this is a non-stop release! Watch out for Track 2, Scooter’s The United Vibe. It’s the longest ever BODYCOMBAT® track combining a strong static Block and Karate Punch with a Travel Roundhouse Knee Sequence which gives participants the feel of two very different Martial Arts disciplines — Karate and Kick-boxing. There are more than 100 kicks in Track 4 which includes the Roundhouse challenge. This challenges and improves balance and leg strength. Track 7 is HUGE and features new innovation the Clinch — a manipulative move used commonly in Thai ighting to gain control over your opponent. The Foo Fighters’ top-selling single, The Pretender, is the perfect song for this Muay Thai Track. It has all the elements a great fighting style should have — speed, aggression and power. Your class will love it! The music is electric and BODYCOMBAT® 35 features SIX Top 40 hits. Fight to a hit from the movie ‘Hairspray’, rock out to a popular hit from The Hives and be motivated by Good Charlotte.

Can't believe how fast time flies. When I post something like this, it means that 3 months has passed by yet again. I started doing BC before BC20 but I have no idea which release. With 4 new releases a year, how many years have I done BC already?

Regardless, I'm looking forward to have Top40 hits for the tracks rather than those old-school euro trance/electronic sounds. And I absolutely hate classical remakes. So bring it on!

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The 2 weeks has been useful for the recharge. My batteries were running empty, and it was great to get out of the country to splurge and indulge myself. I consider myself fortunate to be able to travel to different countries and see the world. Nothing beats the insight gained from getting out of Singapore.

My first stop was Japan, having visited there 5 years ago. Having visited the country before took nothing away from this trip. It was awesome, and there's so many things in Japan that makes it so loveable. Nice food, nice people, nice weather, nice shopping, nice cities, everything nice.

However, Japan is a terribly expensive place to visit. I don't think I can go there every year unless I eat grass when I return. I hope that my next visit to Japan would be Hokkaido - the idea of just going there to relax and binge appeals to me perfectly.

In contrast, I don't think that I liked Korea that much. Perhaps I would have enjoyed Korea better had I gone there before Japan. But Korea really pales in comparison to Japan. My last visit was 10 years ago, and things haven't really changed that much, from looking at the photos and what I can remember. In terms of infrastructure and all that, I think Singapore has leapfrogged Korea over the last 10 years.

I didn't enjoy the food as well - spicy food still doesn't do much for me and I have to take it every single meal. It was only on my very last day there that I acquired an appreciation for kimchi. Maybe it was because I realised that I won't be going back there in the near future, so I ate quite a bit of kimchi during my last meal in Korea.

There's something about Korean culture which annoys me, and despite being a much more patient person than I was 2 or 3 years ago, I still don't appreciate being shouted or screamed at. It's their culture, I can't change it, I can only dislike it. When I visited the supermarket there, it was like several shouting matches being held concurrently. And Singapore efficiency, despite what Singaporeans complain about, far outstrips Korean efficiency, and this Korea trip really made me appreciate Singapore much much more.

During these 2 visits, I got the feeling that Japan and Korea were not that expensive anymore. Perhaps it's the rising cost of living in Singapore, perhaps it's the fact that I'm a working adult now and can afford one or two things which I couldn't previously, or perhaps it's based on my observation that things haven't changed in these two countries that much over the last 5-10 years. They've made the leap earlier and it's Singapore's turn now.

I was so elated to be back home in Singapore after 2 weeks. I really can't explain why, but there's just something magical about home that makes it different. I kinda miss being with inpatient Singaporeans, I miss the usual complaints from the typical Singapore and I miss my food here, especially my chicken rice and wanton mee. I also miss my BC classes, can't wait to get my ass back to the studio to work on those stiff muscles.

I caught up on some of the news I've missed while I was out of the country. It amuses me each time I read the Straits Times Forum to see the things Singaporeans complain about. It's just freaking hilarious and uniquely Singapore.

I got back last night and slept very late. I was so tired this morning that I took a cab to work even though I didn't need to. I was quite unlucky that I got in at 7:01am and was levied a 35% peak hour surcharge. I could have avoided that had I got in 2 mins earlier. My taxi fare came up to $18.60 instead of the usual ~$14 that I'm used to. Guess the taxi ride is back to being a 'luxury good'.

I am of the opinion that taxi fares in Singapore were too cheap and people were just taking cabs like nobody's business. However, the increase this time is kinda steep, and is probably going to affect my lifestyle. I better cut my taxi rides otherwise I will have to eat grass more. Not sure if it was the holiday season, but there were 6 or 7 taxis circling my area as compared to the zero taxis each morning. The ride was smooth, I reached office in less than 20 mins. That must be record breaking.

Back to my normal routine soon, hopefully I can recover the momentum which I've lost for over a year now. And I still have a NZ trip to look forward to in February, in the spanking new T3 as well. 2hr Christmas BC tmr! =)

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It's freaking cold in Korea, but not that cold anymore, if you listen to the locals. Snow is becoming harder to form and this year's winter has been a lot warmer than the previous years. They attribute it to global warming and climate change.

No surprise that they are charging for plastic bags at some stores and supermarkets. Think this will reduce the unnecessary usage of plastic bags.

And HD is Korea is boring. Just the plain old flavours like Coffee, Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and Green Tea, which they make it out to be the latest flavour.

Food is bad as almost everything is kimchi or spicy. I find Korea boring compared to Japan.

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I spent a fantastic week in Japan. I just returned home Saturday night and I find myself missing the place already. Five years since my last visit, and the feeling hasn't changed one bit. It's been a long while since I managed to really let go and just relax and enjoy my holiday without thinking about this and that back home.

There were some great memories and hardly any not-so-great memories, so this was a really really good trip that recharged me. I could do with such trips once a year.

- Sampling the different flavours of HD ice-cream wherever I went. Flavours I tried - Chardonnay Raspberry, Bitter Caramel, Custard Pudding (was in SG for a short period), Kokuto & Kuromitsu, Rich Milk, Vanilla Caramel Brownie, Noisette Chocolat, Marsala Espresso, Affogato. My favourite is Noisette Chocolat, by far .
- Eating ice-cream in freezing cold weather.
- Onsen (hot springs).
- Strolling alone slowly in Shinagawa business district, against the traffic of working professionals walking briskly to the railways.
- Sashimi (freshest I've ever tasted, better than any that I can get in SG)
- Kobe beef (I can't get enough)
- Hokkaido crab (I will have problems finishing it by myself, need at least 4 ppl to finish)
- Rice (Japanese rice is just awesome, the stickier the better)
- Japanese Green Apple (fragrant and very sweet)
- Overall food (quality of Japanese food is very good, especially for someone who loves fish alot)
- Spending money (even though everything is expensive, it felt good to really let loose)
- Nike factory outlet (buying 4 pairs of Nike Free 5.0 at S$63 each, spent a total of S$600 there, which is quite alot considering t-shirts and stuff were going at S$13-20 each)
- Meeting wonderful people and making new friends
- Time to sit back and reflect (and also recharge my batteries)
- Fuel my desire to learn the Japanese language (so as to maximise my future holidays)
- I learn appreciate my mother more.

- I miss my bodycombat classes (From 5-6 a week to zero)
- Miss some peeps in Singapore
- No internet access (I should have brought my laptop there)
- Did not allocate enough free space in baggage for all those extra stuff I bought
- Dragging the luggage back
- Transit flight on TG, wasting precious time (not that I had a choice)
- Being served a Pepsi on the flight when I specifically asked for a Coke.
- Overshot my budget. (Way overshot)
- Chocolate cravings during the trip
- Too much time to think about stuff sometimes
- My last day in Japan

Well... one down, another one to go.

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For those who liked 'U R My Phantasy', here's another one from the same artiste - Sy & Unknown feat Lou Lou. It's called 'Believe In Me'. I believe it's so much better.

Beneath my smile
Is a broken dream
I bet you never knew

My eyes deceive
All the hope in me
How do I make it through

So long I've been waiting
I can't keep on failing
I know where I need to be

But now my chance is falling
My soul is calling
What can I do to make you see

Believe in me
Believe in me
Believe in me
Believe in me

Believe in me
You're the one that needs to know
Believe in me
Show me the way that I need to go

Believe in me
My life is in your hands
Believe in me
Why can't you understand

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